What to Expect from a Dental Cleaning and Exam

Posted on: December 27, 2018

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At Mid Wilshire Dentistry we work tirelessly to provide a combination of innovative oral health services that utilize cutting edge technology while providing an environment where the patient can feel comfortable and cared after.

The cornerstone of any good oral health practice is often the dental cleaning and examination. This is the time when we can pinpoint any problems before they become serious issues. We also provide a professional-grade cleaning that will help maintain your sparkling smile, not to mention your oral health.

Patients of All Ages Come to Mid Wilshire Dentistry

We provide our expert oral health services to patients of all ages and all vocations, including (but never limited to) the Los Angeles Clippers Basketball team!

We ask our patients to make sure that they get their cleanings and exams twice a year every year, starting as early as possible. Even patients with baby teeth can benefit from an oral health professional ensuring that they grow in properly and maintain healthiness until adult teeth start coming in.

Cleanings Are a Preventive Measure

Dental cleanings at Mid Wilshire Dentistry work by removing harmful plaque that builds up over time as well as bacteria that can grow in between teeth and within the gum line. Cleanings also help prevent future cavities.

Minor cavities can also be corrected — and with minimal discomfort. However, infections can also spread, seeping into the center of the tooth. There, your dental pulp can potentially become infected. Guess what happens after that? Usually a root canal procedure.

Instead, keep your two annual visits with Dr. Laska each year and we’ll be able to spot any problems and quickly treat them before they become more costly issues.

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