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Sleep Apnea Test

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Is it Necessary to be Diagnosed Before Scheduling Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Our team can help patients get tested for sleep apnea. We work with insurance companies, general doctors, and other physicians to ensure patients get an accurate evaluation of their current sleep health. We can organize a lab-based sleep test if necessary, but most insurance companies prefer that patients have an at-home test.

Sleep Apnea Test

What is an At-Home Sleep Test?

For an at-home sleep test, consultation with your physician is necessary. For valid consideration by many insurance companies, the sleep test must be conducted by a sleep physician. We can help you determine the appropriate treatment plan for your individual case. At-home sleep testing monitors many components of your sleep, including breathing, blood oxygenation, air flow, and more. During a test, tubes will be fitted in your nostrils – in addition, you may have other appliances worn on your head or chest. As you sleep, the devices will monitor your breathing and the data is sent to your doctor.

Who is a Candidate for an At-Home Sleep Apnea Test?

Patients recommended for sleep testing include those who believe they have a sleep apnea condition. A sleep test can be performed to obtain a verified diagnosis of sleep apnea and outline the next steps for treatment. In addition, at-home tests are recommended to patients who have mobile difficulty getting to the sleep lab or cannot get good results from a lab test.

For additional information on the most appropriate times to have a sleep apnea test. Contact our team today at (213) 550-2357 and schedule an appointment.

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