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Advancements in technology have opened many dental opportunities that weren’t available just ten years ago. One such technique that Mid Wilshire Dentistry provides is laser dentistry, which can be an effective and precise way to perform many dental procedures. With lasers giving your dentist the ability to control both power output and duration of exposure to tissue (whether tooth structure or gum), your treatments can target smaller areas without damaging surrounding tissue. Particularly beneficial to patients who may be anxious or hesitant towards dental procedures, laser dentistry is extremely safe and comfortable. While the technology is constantly changing and improving, here is some info on laser dentistry.


Some procedures do not require anesthesia
Bleeding is minimized since the high-energy lasers aid in the clotting or coagulation of exposed blood vessels
Minimal damage to surrounding tissue
Tissues can be regenerated, and wounds heal faster
Soft tissue procedures may not require stitches
Fewer bacterial infections because the high-energy light beam sterilizes the working area.


Since dental lasers boast rare absorption ability, they are used to perform specific dental procedures.


Boasting a wavelength that is highly absorbable by hemoglobin and water, soft tissue lasers are naturally more effective for soft tissue management. Among the most common soft tissue lasers are Neodymium YAG and diode lasers, which can be used as part of periodontal treatment as it can activate the re-growth of tissues and kill bacteria. This carbon-dioxide laser also removes tissue faster than fiber optics and minimizes damage to surrounding tissue. Soft tissue lasers work by penetrating soft tissue and sealing nerve endings and blood vessels. Due to this, many people heal faster and experience virtually no postoperative recovery pain after laser work. Because of these facts, more and more cosmetic dental practices are starting to include soft tissue lasers for gingival sculpting procedures.


With a wavelength that is highly absorbable by hydroxyapatite and water, hard tissue lasers are best for working on tooth structure. Typically used for cutting teeth and bone with extreme precision, hard tissue lasers are often used during the shaping or prepping of teeth for composite bonding. This includes the minor removal of tooth structure and the repair of worn down dental fillings. Laser dentistry is a constantly growing and improving field, and we at Mid Wilshire Dentistry already offer a plethora of procedures using these state of the art techniques. If you believe you may be a candidate for laser dentistry, contact us at (213) 386-3348 today to schedule a consultation.

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