The “All On Four” Full Denture Treatment

There are exciting new alternatives to full and partial dentures these days. Dentures present a challenge because they feel so unlike your regular teeth. They can also, after time, begin to deform, which causes slippage to occur more frequently, especially […] Continue Reading

The Most Dangerous Sports and Activities for Your Teeth

Mid Wilshire Dentistry runs into some notable dental injuries as the LA Clippers official team dentist. Basketball of course doesn’t get its due respect as far as a.) being a very physical sport, and b.) being a particularly dangerous threat […] Continue Reading

We Conduct Dental Exams in Los Angeles

As a provider of dental exams in Los Angeles, we are passionate about the oral health of our patients and the lifetime of their teeth.  Other areas of your body may not require regular medical care unless there is a […] Continue Reading

Don’t Like Your CPAP? Try a New CPAP Alternative to Treat Sleep Apnea

We provide a CPAP alternative that can make it comfortable and convenient to treat your sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a common and serious condition that impacts adults of all ages. It occurs when the muscles are too weak, […] Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer Prevention in Los Angeles

We can help with oral cancer prevention in Los Angeles. If you are unfamiliar with this disease, there are many facts that you need to know. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation: 45,750 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every […] Continue Reading

Learn About Professional Teeth Whitening Brands

If you want information on professional teeth whitening brands, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles dentist office. Things are changing all the time with companies releasing new and improved products. Visiting our office […] Continue Reading

Tips From Your Los Angeles Dental Office on How to Avoid Gum Recession

To some extent, gum recession plagues nearly half of middle-aged adults and 88 percent of adults over age 65. While receding gums may, unfortunately, be inevitable for some since it can be a hereditary trait, others can avoid gum recession […] Continue Reading

Routine Dental Care Can Prevent Gum Disease

Our Los Angeles dental office can provide you with routine dental care to help prevent gum disease. While most people understand the importance of preventing cavities, few consider gum disease as a major issue. While it does not directly give […] Continue Reading

A Dentist in Los Angeles Addresses a Few Common Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

As a dentist who also does cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, we often have patients who ask us pointed questions about dentistry and the cosmetic treatments available. Our office will not only go over the possible options but will also help […] Continue Reading

A Dentist in Los Angeles Shares Facts About Dental Care That You Should Know

As a dentist in Los Angeles, we believe that our patients should be informed about dental care. We believe that once people understand the basics of dental care, they can make an educated decision about their treatments.  Since there are […] Continue Reading