A Match Made in Heaven (Creating a Harmonious, Healthy Relationship with Your Braces)

Some folks might consider time in braces to be a sort of prison sentence. People do their time, go through the motions, then ditch their braces like a thief in the night once the braces are ready to come off. […] Continue Reading

Adulthood Orthodontics (and 7 Celebrities Who’ve had Adult Braces)

  We’re sure we could sit here and go over the reasons why most adults might find wearing braces less-than-convenient. But, instead, we’d rather talk about some of the benefits orthodontic treatments bring, including braces. One might think that few […] Continue Reading

Dr. Laska, Emergency Dentist

  Emergencies happen when we least expect them. Mid Wilshire Dentistry is here for those unforeseen occurrences, and we’re here for those times that whatever can go wrong does go wrong. As the experienced dentist for the Los Angeles Clippers […] Continue Reading

Celtics Guard Isaiah Thomas Loses Tooth During the Middle of Playoff Game

It’s actually quite common for basketball players to injure or lose their teeth during games. Despite popular belief, basketball is one of the more physical sports a person can play. Next time you watch a professional game, try to pay […] Continue Reading

What’s Causing Your Sensitive Teeth?

Mid Wilshire Dentistry would like to take the time to talk tooth sensitivity, where it comes from, and how it can be avoided or neutralized through great oral health habits. Have you ever had a cold drink that caused your […] Continue Reading

Don’t Lose Teeth Over It!

This is our tribute to the basketball players around the league who give that extra 10% (sometimes more) and sacrifice their body (or their teeth) to the game they love. Dr. Laska works with the Los Angeles Clippers as their […] Continue Reading

NBA All Star Weekend Rundown

As the experienced and go-to dentist for the LA Clippers basketball team, Mid Wilshire Dentistry has an enthusiasm for the game of basketball as well as a direct link in keeping clients safe and living lives of great oral health. […] Continue Reading

The “All On Four” Full Denture Treatment

There are exciting new alternatives to full and partial dentures these days. Dentures present a challenge because they feel so unlike your regular teeth. They can also, after time, begin to deform, which causes slippage to occur more frequently, especially […] Continue Reading

The Most Dangerous Sports and Activities for Your Teeth

Mid Wilshire Dentistry runs into some notable dental injuries as the LA Clippers official team dentist. Basketball of course doesn’t get its due respect as far as a.) being a very physical sport, and b.) being a particularly dangerous threat […] Continue Reading

We Conduct Dental Exams in Los Angeles

As a provider of dental exams in Los Angeles, we are passionate about the oral health of our patients and the lifetime of their teeth.  Other areas of your body may not require regular medical care unless there is a […] Continue Reading